Our Story

NOKÉO blends traditional artistic creativity with modern function.

Our fine leather goods are handcrafted in our Texas studio by designer and founder, Michelle Nokéo Twite. 

Michelle, a first-generation Lao- American, attributes her love of design and textiles to her late great grandmother, a master weaver in Pakse, Laos. Michelle’s great grandmother supplemented her family’s meager income with the valuable weaving skills passed down from her mother who learned from her mother; skills that proved to be essential before the rise of modern manufacturing techniques in Southeast Asia.

Driven by an intense desire to revive the traditional techniques employed by her great grandmother many decades ago, Michelle sources native hand woven textiles from master weavers in Southeast Asia and combines them with luxurious leather creating stylish handbags that each tell their own story.

“Each product tells a story and helps preserve traditional hand-weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations.”